Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the economy negatively.

Governments globally will attempt to reflate their economies through  Central banks by approving various interventions in form of grants and  loans at significantly low rates.

Nigeria, through CBN is disbursing  N50b NIRSAL Microfinance Banks to households, and SMEs among many other schemes.

Some commercial banks are also creating sector targeted loans at single digits.

But they will need to see your PAST to assured of your character and capabilities.

You will need to show AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENT as record of your past.

If you have not been doing it, then you have been working against your growth.

Every owners of funds, including the government is worried about the possibility of borrowers not being able to repay their loans.

They will view you as a potential defaulter and not give you a chance because it’s only through Audited Financial Statement they can assess your history.

You need every support you can get, it’s in your interest to do this.

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Kayode Okunola FCA

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